Centre for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP).

The reign of the English language over modern technology and the Internet may soon be at an end. Increasingly, local language technologies are emerging to challenge the role of Crulp_logoEnglish as the language of the web. Representing Urdu and other Pakistani languages at the forefront of this battle is the Centre for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP). For Dr. Sarmad Hussain, founding director of CRULP, and his team, developing the capacity of local language processing is not merely an intellectual exercise in machine processing research but their contribution to the global struggle, which aims to provide every human access to information regardless of the language they speak……

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    1. some tools … not complete OS (though its not much difficult)
      moreover they are writing books about how to use that tools and other computer literacy related topics …

  1. ah han nice …. btw you did some work on localization of ubuntu in urdu … what about that project/task … i thing ubuntu was unable to digest your “saqeel urdu” llolllzzzz 😀

  2. Sir, write a short tutorial for ubuntu localization … m curious to see os in urdu .. 🙂 start is “chalo” and office is “daftar” hohohohoh .. oh one thing can be go back to english after switching to urdu .. i don’t wana reinstall 🙁

    1. ok i will post a short tutorial for ubuntu users … thanks for your interest … its pretty simple process to localize in urdu … you have to download urdu keyboard and few changes in some configuration files… i will post in day or two.

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