My Saunterer Soul

Saunterer Soul -

I love history; I’m really fond of reading books on history, visiting and exploring historical places; I tried to visit those places which are not commonly known by many people; Especially in Lahore there are several such points; Surrounded by new constructions and bazars, they are hidden from many people; Very few know the historical background of those places; You can listen to many different stories by people living nearby; I try to go there, capture those buildings while thinking those timespans when they were alive, the people who use to live there; What kind of surrounding it had? What was the actual purpose of that building? How they are slowly eaten by ticks of the clock?

Saunterer Soul -

I really wish to reconstruct them; re-colour them; it’s my wish to see them in their original form; the stat in which the constructor of that building has a final look and said “YES WE’VE DONE”. If I have a time machine I will set it to the year when those buildings were constructed. If someone offers me a ministry in Govt. I will surely choose ministry of culture; make all those as they were in their peak time, will make all those places more beautiful, cleaner;

From now onward, I will share some of my visits to such places; Some photoshoots that I already have, so I will upload them soon.

Love your culture; remember your glorious history, and preserve them, and let it transfer to our next generations in much better form;

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