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Pegasus Technologies, a leading provider of innovative digital pen technologies and solutions, invites you to experience the 2nd generation digital pen. Pegasus is the solution of choice for some of theworld’s foremost digital pen manufacturers. The Company’s pioneering technology, unrivaled efficiency and unique product offering give global OEMs the tools they need to design and manufacture quality digital pens and complementary applications.


With today’s increased demand for reliable natural input devices and a growing interest by PC, PDA and mobile phone manufacturers, Pegasus predicts the rise of a global user community. Simply put, Pegasus will participate in shaping its future, giving you – the freedom to write.

For Windows Users

  • Tablet NoteTaker and Tablet Mobile NoteTaker work seamlessly with Windows Vista™ and Microsoft Office® 2007 digital ink features and utilities
  • Compatible with Microsoft’s handwriting recognition and other digital ink utilities available in Outlook®, Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, OneNote®, Visio®, and Journal.
  • Low-cost digital pen lets users write on plain paper with a cordless, standard-size pen, simultaneously creating a digital ink copy of anything they write – without using a digitizing surface
  • Unique mouse functionality – switch between Writing-on-Paper Mode (standard ink ball-pen) and Pen-Tablet-Mode (pen’s hovering and mouse functionality writes directly into Windows and Office applications)
  • Transforms most computers working under Windows Vista, to fully-functional Tablet PC compatibles.
  • Designed to operate Bluetooth or RF communications to PCs, portable computing devices, or cellular phones (optional)

Digital Ink in Windows Vista™

Microsoft’s new Windows operating system will deliver a computing experience that is faster, easier, and more efficient. Windows Vista™ is fundamentally designed to allow users to get better results in less time. Windows Vista™ introduces extensive support for pen and touch input.

Note Taking

Microsoft Journal provides an intuitive set of tools that enables pen users to naturally enter and gather information that can then be easily located using the powerful search function. Journal tools include a choice of pens, markers, and highlighters, a selection lasso, and a flag tool.
Handwriting Recognition Windows Vista™ introduces intelligent recognition as a natural supplement to keyboard input. This new recognition technology efficiently and accurately converts a wide variety of handwriting styles into typed text. Handwriting can be used to quickly enter information anywhere that the computer accepts typed input.

Handwriting Recognition

Windows Vista™ introduces intelligent recognition as a natural supplement to keyboard input. This new recognition technology efficiently and accurately converts a wide variety of handwriting styles into typed text. Handwriting can be used to quickly enter information anywhere that the computer accepts typed input.

Digital Ink in Office® 2007

Microsoft Office® 2007 takes advantage of the innovate pen support offered by Windows Vista™ to provide a consistent set of inking options that are available to pen users in all of the most frequently used Office applications. These inking options are found on the Review tab within each application and provide the ability to intuitively make notes, diagrams, and highlights.

Specific inking tools can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar located at the top of each application to keep the most commonly used tools handy at all times. In Word, pen users also have the ability to insert handwritten notes referred to as Ink Comments. In all applications, pen users have the option of entering text using handwriting recognition in any field or area that accepts keyboard input.

Digital Ink Implementation – Office® 2007 Applications

Digital ink in Word®

Digital Pen For Mac OS X users

  • Mac Users can now take handwritten notes on any paper using Pegasus digital Pen that have the look & feel of any other regular pen during meetings, classrooms or at home away from their Mac.
  • 50+ handwritten pages (A4) can be stored in the Digital Pen flash memory and then uploaded to Mac using USB cable connection.
  • Rechargeable battery enables 10 hours continues writing.
  • While connected to the Mac, users can use the Digital pen as mouse.
  • Mouse functionalities enable to write notes into Mac iWork’08 applications and convert them to text, using built in conversion to text feature.
  • The Digital Pen can be used for drawings inside applications such as Adobe® Illustrator®, Photoshop® Etc.

The Tablet Mobile NoteTaker enables the user to capture handwritten notes or drawings while being away from the Mac and save the notes into the unit’s flash memory. The Tablet Mobile NoteTaker has two operating modes: Mobile mode and Connected mode (on line).

  • In Mobile mode The Tablet Mobile NoteTaker captures natural handwriting notes on plain paper and save them in its memory (over 50 A4 pages can be stored). USB cable enables easy upload of the saved notes to the Mac or Mac notebook. LCD display provides clear indication of operating mode.
  • In connected mode the Tablet Mobile NoteTaker enables the user to work “Pen-Tablet-Mode”, (mouse) utilizing the pen’s hovering and mouse button functionality, to write directly into Mac SW applications such as iWork’08, Adobe® Illustrator®, Photoshop® and other known Mac applications.

The System Requirements for this product is Mac OS X LEOPARD.  Potential users for this product are Students, Teachers, Field Salesmen, Engineers, Presenters, Executives, Designers.
When you will buy this product you will have

  • Digital Pen
  • Pen batteries
  • Refill
  • Receiver unit includes: LCD indication – battery situation, No of pages stored etc.
  • USB cable
  • Quick Guide
  • CD with NoteTaker application

Electrical & Mechanical Specifications

  • Coverage area: up to A4 page
  • Resolution: 100 DPI
  • Communication: USB
  • Standards: Meets CE and FCC
  • Rechargeable battery – 3 hours charge 10 hours continues writing
  • Pen Batteries – Typical 100 hours continues writing
  • Digital Pen: (L) 133 mm (D) 14.5 –
  • Weight: ~16gr.
  • Receiver unit: (L) 67mm (W) 30mm (H) 13mm
  • Weight: ~80gr.

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