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Aasim Naseem 3

Read in the name of your Lord Who created. He created man from a clot.
Read and your Lord is Most Honorable.
Who taught (to write) with the pen.  Taught man what he knew not.

Indeed it is Allah’s utmost blessing that we are among the best creation of this universe, and even more, we are among those who knows read and write. We are among the civilized population of this world. We learn new things every day and experience different aspects of life daily. As a part of this community, it is now our foremost duty to share and spread the knowledge we have.

Last time when i checked my blog, it was around 9,894 visitors …. i think on Monday, 2 days back … it has now jumped over 10, 100 .. wao … I’m really happy to see 5 digit there 🙂 I really thank to all my friends and all those who visited every post i published and shared those contents with their friends.

I want to share some info regarding my web corner. From the day when i started

  • I published76 different posts in 18 different categories and sub categories.
  • There are 238 tags associates with those posts.
  • I got 167 comments on my posts.  (too much few  🙁 friends … wake up … its time to speak 🙂 com’ooonnn  )
  • The post that has most number of hits is 2nd part of black berry application development tutorial. It got 1600+ visitors.

  • Right now the counter is showing me 10,111 visitors so for. The graph of weekly and monthly hits are as follow

Post count per month was as follow

In the end i would like to thank again all those people who gave their valuable comments to my every word i share and encourage my efforts. I hope you will continue this in future too and will make me to write more useful stuff to share knowledge and info that Allah give us …

Have a nice day.

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