Silent Confession

Aasim Naseem 12

I gaze into your eyes and I can see it all,
The sudden look in them is an alarming call

Your eyes say no words, yet my ears hear them shout,
They spell no language, yet my heart makes something out.

The affection your eyes reveals, so pure and unmistakable,
The confession in them, so abrupt and unpredictable.

This glorious moment is so majestic for one of all,
Said by everything when you’ve said nothing at all.

My life’s boat now floats only in your heart’s sea,
Immaculate love now we’ll share as long as eternity.

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  1. first of all …the title pic is not …. and the poetry does not suits ur personality…it should not be ur aim only to write whatever u think but there shud be quality….i hope u dont feel it bad but kindly be conxious next time when choosing the title pic, theme and words of ur writings….thanx

    1. im not feeling bad at all but im really surprize why it didn’t knock you; my other poem named “untitled” is more unbalance in chosing words or sentence structured; i rate my this work higher then that one; Title pic is ok someone may like or not no issue but it matches with first line of poem; theam ..ummm infact its about early day love; a new born love; all of my work has common theme .i.e. love in early days; i dont know why you find it deviated from my theme; but yes i will surly revise it to make it more perfact; your suggestions in this regard will really mean to me;

  2. u know any poetry is never meant orr understood or rated by the words …it is only the feelings true feelings and untitled has that feelings ,,i donot know y i couldnt feel that true that real in silent confession …however sorry 4 being a critic ….but untitled is really good done more thing i never compare poetries …they all are same to me i only rate them upon what i feel while reading them…so it is my view

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