Dell Inspiron Duo

The Dell Inspiron duo, a netbook-hybrid tablet the company showed off during September’s Intel Developer Forum, is “coming soon,” according to a promotional video posted online.

The video, however, did not disclose when Dell’s dual-core Atom netbook will be available. The 10-inch, Windows 7-based device includes a hidden keyboard, functioning as a netbook and a tablet.

“What makes the Inspiron duo unique is its dual personality – it transforms seamlessly between a tablet that delivers an immersive entertainment experience to an ulta-mobile laptop with a keyboard enabling instant productivity on the go,” a Dell spokeswoman said in a September e-mail after its appearance at IDF.

Beyond that, details about the device are vague. WiMAX will be included, but other information about storage space and connectivity options haven’t been revealed. No price for the Inspiron duo has been made public either.

Dell chief executive Michael Dell presented a seven-inch tablet prototype at Oracle’s OpenWorld. In the same vein, few details were given. Dell didn’t say what operating system it would run on, and failed to share pricing options or a shipping date.



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