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3 developers from Austria got this idea, even they can’t recall how they come up with this, but they got this 2 years back and actual work start in year 2010. This is the Table Connect, a rather wonderful-looking hardware hack which connects an iPhone to a 58-inch capacitive multi-touch display, allowing full control of the iPhone’s navigation functions, only using hands instead of fingers.

When the iPhone is connected to the specially modified table it beams the image of its screen on to the device.

With its special touch screen technology – called Table.Connect – they can then swipe the surface of the table – and make it work just like an iPhone.



According to developers, they are  plan to bring the Table.Connect system to as many devices as possible. Currently it only works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone

“The most expensive part is the display, weeks of research not counting. For now we’re quite happy that we’ve found a development partner who can build such a display.”

The table use for the large display is a State of the art technology made simple to use

Please click on the images to see an enlarged view of the illustrations.

Via the Table Connect App you can gain complete control over your iPhone using the multitouch table … big time!All your apps and data can now be accessed via the 58″ capacitive multitouch surface.


The iPhone needs to be jailbroken to work with Table Connect. Don’t worry, a jailbreak is perfectly legal, but you always modify your iPhone’s content at your own risk.

  • opens a wide range of possibilities of multi-person controlled apps
  • compatible with iOS4 / iPhone 4 & iPhone 3Gs*
  • reduced design that goes perfectly with your iPhone



note that the original iPhone (“2G”) & the iPhone 3G are not working with Table Connect due to slow processing power.

see them playing game on iTable ..



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