Google Acquires eBook Technologies

Google has just acquired eBook Technologies, according to a notice that is currently appearing on the company’s homepage.

Google confirmed the acquisition, with a spokesperson giving us this statement:

“We are happy to welcome eBook Technologies’ team to Google. Together, we hope to deliver richer reading experiences on tablets, electronic readers and other portable devices.

And this notice can be found at eBook Technologies web site;

eBook Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been acquired by Google. Working together with Google will further our commitment to providing a first-class reading experience on emerging tablets, e-readers and other portable devices.

In my personal view, it seems to me that google is jumping into eBook reading device race; After a successful product of Kindle by Amazon, Google now going to introduce something in this area; The iPad from Apple is a big giant in this race; Let see what google is trying by acquiring this firm;


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