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Today I was planning to write next part of my Amazon Kindle application development tutorial; Now a days Im using a macbook so i thought i need to download and instal JDk first; But surprisingly, i came to know every version of Mac OS X comes with java out of the box. No download, installation, or setup is necessary to run applications, view Applets, or even build your own Java code from the command line. New Java releases are made easily available through Software Update, and developer packages can be found at the Java Downloads.

But interestingly, do you know that you cannot download a JDK or JRE for Mac from Sun’s (now oracle) website? Well I didn’t. This is because “Mac OS X is the only major consumer operating system that comes complete with a fully configured and ready-to-use Java runtime and development environment”. Follow the URL that might be helpful.

To download/update Java for different versions of Mac OS X you will need to go to Apple’s Developer Connection site for Java.

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  1. Hi Ans,
    I found your blog yesterday online and i’m completely in love with it. Java on mac is very informative and its very useful for Mac user.
    how do we install MS office2010 on Ubuntu?
    i have install Ubuntu on two notebooks.
    one with XP professional + Ubuntu
    second Vista home premium + ubuntu.
    i have installed wine and followed all the available instruction on internet but all in-vain. is there way i can install MS office2010 on my notebooks??

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