April Fools for 2011;

The day was started with some funny april fools by my daily visting site; (infact many time within an hour)

First it was gmail who introduced me a gmail motion feature that allow you to control your emails with your gestures; I read that article at techcrunch and later saw this at top of my gmail inbox;

click to enlarge;


The link points to gmail motion page where this feature is elaborated by this comic video;



And many of you have seen this message after clicking try gmail motion link;


click to enlarge;



The next was in dashboard of my wordpress blog; The average visiters for my blog are 160 to 180 per day, and they shown up in bar graph with suitable scale; Today it was like this;


click to enlarge;

And honestly speaking, the scale for graph made my jaw drop for 1, 2 secs; Ya i confess;


Last one was from Youtube! Yes; youtube celebrated his 100th birthday and moved back to 1911; It was infact YouTube Time Travels to 1911 for April Fools’Hew how it was;




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