“Also Include” :: Gmail Feature;

I have been noticing a nice small update in gmail compose form; While adding your contact in To/CC/BCC fields, gmail automatically shows you some of your contacted you may wish to add in receivers list, as shown in image bellow; By just clicking on name, that contact will be included in field where your cursor is currently focusing .i.e. To/CC/BCC field;

click to enlarge;

Criteria is really simple; The contact group (or group of people) to whom you mail mostly, when you’ll add any of its member in your to/cc/bcc list, gmail brings rest of the matching contact and ask you to include them as well; It become useful when an issue in under discussion and you want to include everyone in loop; You are going to miss anyone now;

First I t thought its coming from some of my gmail lab features but there isn’t anything i enabled so this is default feature for everyone; You can set this option from your Settings screen of gmail;

click to enlarge;

few points of love for google products has increased at my side; 🙂

Stay happy;

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