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Among many other books those I had from the annual book fair at Punjab university this year, the title of this book really caught my attention; It claims to teach the translation of Quran with some common symbols and selective verses from different chapters;

I started reading this book in detail a week back, and no doubt the language, the way of delivering the concepts and examples are really really helpful and effective; I read the first few chapters and after that, I was able to translate some parts of the Quranic verses by my own (for complete translations, it requires more time, learning and efforts) I’m sure if someone starts spending one or two hours on daily basis, he/she can learn translations of Quran very easily, and very soon; It is important too for all of us, to learn and read Quran with complete understanding;

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You can have this book from any good bookshop, or order the publisher directly at their address; Written by Prof. Qalab Bashir Khawar Butt, the book is in fact a part of the complete course that span over months; I highly recommend all of you to read this book at least once; I don’t say this one is the best in her domain (might be there are some other books too on same topic and theme) but this book is my self-experience and at this time I rate this as five stars;

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  1. nice………well seems written in very easy adaptable way, as u have read 2 chapter n can translate the verse that great….definitely i will buy this book r borrow this from you with other books

  2. Dear!

    I have listened 2 lectures of Professor Sb on a TV Channel. It were Excellent. Through ur web got more introduction and contact numbers. Thanks for sharing knowledge. God bless u.

    Manzar Shah

  3. I am a regular student of Prof. Khawar since last 6 years.
    He often arrange courses of 40 days at different places of Lahore & also outside the city Lahore.
    The most of the lectures and Fehm ul Quran course you can download from website http://www.quranhousesociety.com
    For any further query you are welcome

    1. Aoa, I tired to download from this website but did not worked.
      Is that possible if you can please copy 40 lectures course on DVD for me – I am happy to pay hadia for all expanses.
      Pls reply


    1. Thanks for your kind comment; Please see the image where the contact detail is available; You can write to them or call their outlet;

  4. Alhamdullilah the course is now available on DVD and on the internet at http://www.quranhousesociety.com, for the book you may directly call on the numbers listed on the website or you can give me your email address and i can ask them to contact you. You can also view audio/video lectures directly from the website.


    You may also now download the book in PDF format from


    Just click the link that says Feham Ul Quran

    Feel free to browse through the entire site and i am sure you will find very useful lectures and content.

    1. AOA Fawad sahib,
      I am trying to find full course on DVD, unfortunately cannot get it from the links above.
      Are you bale to help me or point me to right direction where I can but DVD. I am living in Australia. Thanks and salam.

      1. AslamoAlaikum brother, you may contact Mr Muhammad Iftikhar Hassan @ the following phone number 034-444-43470. Another option could be that i can try converting the dvd in a torrent form that you can download. Currently the DVD is not in a torrent form but it can be converted to one pretty quickly however uploading this somewhere might be a challenge. Let me know if this option is viable for you ?. If you are in Pakistan the first option is the fastest and easiest way of getting hold of the DVD. Let me know if you need further assistance. The course audio and video are available on the site. We will try to make the videos directly downloadable from the website in the near future. You can watch the videos on http://www.quranhousesociety.com/multimedia/feham_ul_quran_videos/

    2. Dear Fawad, Pls help me, where can I buy the DVD from for full course.
      Please let me know the address or online if available.

    3. Dear Fawad, Pls help me, where can I buy the DVD from for full course.
      Please let me know the address or online if available.

  5. Mudassar we can either ship the DVD you can contact Iftikhar Hassan @ the following phone number 034-444-43470 (add Pakistan’s country code) or I can try creating a torrent of the DVD, which you can download. Let me know what works for you

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