Islamic Art The Past and Modern – Nuzhat Kazmi

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A distinguish importance has been attributed with this book that really differentiates it from the rest of its peers on the shelves; Islamic Art The Past and Modern by Nuzhat Kazmi is a gift from LAFZ media for my first article in their online magazine; Considering my keen interest in Muslim history, especially in Mughal architecture, the editor of LAFZ, Mr Yasser Chaudhary chose this book for me and let me say honestly, it really really content my thrust in various ways.  I’m really grateful to LAFZ media.

The title was enough to tell the whole story. The table of content of Islamic Art The Past and Modern by Nuzhat Kazmi makes my curiosity 2x, and finally, the diversity of content around a single theme made this research so valuable piece of work on this topic; I just have covered two chapters and it is not letting me make a bookmark to read later on;

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Islamic Art The Past and Modern by Nuzhat Kazmi: this invaluable book looks at the artistic output of the Islamic civilisation from the time of its inception to its interpretations in the contemporary world. Various photographs support their relevant topics and sections, hence making this script a complete source of reference for any reader on this topic;

Islamic Art, The Past and Modern covers the different aspects of Islamic arts under the following heads

  • The Art of Painting
  • The Art of Calligraphy
  • The Art of Carpet and Textile Weaving
  • Decorative Islamic Art: Pottery, Ceramics, Glass and Metal
  • The Art of Architecture
  • Islamic Art and the Modern World
  • Major Dynasties

Seems the last page flip will not take too much longer; I’m totally indulging in this book;


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