Your Wise Move Matters.

You Wise Move -

Life has so many aspects, different faces, problems and happiness. Our five senses let us experience the world. We are bound in so many relations. Many people are linking to us with their trust and conflicts. Sometimes a very small act of kindness make someone so trustworthy and little misunderstanding creates too many gaps. Your Wise Move Matters to keep all the relations alive.

While having conflicts or misunderstandings with someone

  • Never jump to a conclusion at once.
  • Don’t pass a statement or take an action after knowing something that is directly or indirectly related to you. Either in favour of you or not but don’t react at once.
  • Don’t start joining different past things/events to justify them based on what you have just come to know. That chunk of info might be biased, from an unreliable source or having some impurities added by the middle channel.

Control, control and control yourself.

Even don’t pass a single comment … taking some action is far away.

Make sure the cent per cent authenticity of the source and actual context. Don’t play any move.

Remember that your one word or small action as the sudden reaction may result in irrecoverable harm to your relations or the trust level between you and your associates. Don’t conclude anything having the first chunk of knowledge or what apparently looks like.


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