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Aasim Naseem 6

5th issue of LAFZ online magazine by LAFZ media has been published; Alhamdulillah my article also made its place in history section; This time, it was about Razia Sultan, the Sultan of Delhi, India (1236 – 1240). You can find it at LAFZ Magazine, Page 3 & Page 80;

My another article on Empress Mehr-un-Nisaa (Nur Jahan) can be found in Issue3 of LAFZ Magazine, Page 136;

Article on Zēb-un-Nisā Makhfī was featured in Issue2 of LAFZ Magazine, Page 76.

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  1. When did you find time to do all these thing? I saw your videos and images for other posts. That were good. You need some good camera to shot them in more better way.

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