100+ Reasons of App Rejection for AppStore;

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What !!! Rejected ?? but why ??? oh Damn it …

After a tiring days and sleepless nights, busy weekends and thoughtful breaks, getting rejection from AppStore is worst; No one wants to see a red label, against his/her app over itunes, saying rejected; There could be many reasons, really they are MANY, 100 plus, and any single of them can ruined your efforts and excitement within a second;

No doubt we all take care of some common points that may lead to app rejection, like purchase transaction out side the Apple’s platform, icon/splash image with proper dimensions etc, but again there are many others too that can be surly neglected without going through the list of possible rejection reasons; Before approaching to AppStore, one responsible authority from development squad (your QA guy, technical lead) should carefully revise each aspect that can stop your app to reach millons of iOS users;

Apple has a brief public guidelins for AppStore review; They have divided it into many different categories, making it easy to revise the functionality of your app with every possible angle; They includes

  • Terms and conditions
  • Functionality
  • Metadata, ratings and rankings
  • Location
  • Push notifications
  • Game Center
  • iAds
  • Trademarks and trade dress
  • Media content
  • User interface
  • Purchasing and currencies
  • Scraping and aggregation
  • Damage to device
  • Personal attacks
  • Violence
  • Objectionable content
  • Privacy
  • Pornography
  • Religion, culture, and ethnicity
  • Contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, and raffles
  • Charities and contributions
  • Legal requirements

You can find them at App Store Review Guidelines – App Store Resource Center. One common term .i.e. will be rejected is used in the  guidelines this much times that at a certain point, you (like me) will start feeling that they are not ready to approve your app at any cost; 😀

The total of all clause for all categories is more then 100; 🙂 So have a reasonable time slot for guidelines review activity, while scheduling your project;

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