Too much information

Our world is changing drastically. Every minute is loading a pile of pages over the shelves of history. Tons of megabytes are uploading over data servers every minute in form of blogs, research and multimedia content. Geek friends are sharing dozen of articles over Twitter on daily basis. Any well-known event from a technology giant automatically reserves your 1 or two hours from your daily routine, plus advance booking of your weekend’s leisure.

My iTunes is showing me downloaded videos of WWDC12, some of them has been gone through, some are pending for the weekend. iOS6 features and developer APIs are requiring my full attention as it directly linked to my core job. GoogleIO-12 has also some exciting announcements like the new Android OS .i.e JellyBean, plus Chromebook and Nexus 7 tablet by Asus.

It’s all too much information. How we can grab these all?  How to find time to read many pages of these articles, watch videos for several hours and practice of new API? (: And these all efforts are other than your routine job assignments and tasks. We also have to find time for family, for our friends and loved ones, for our hobbies and for some sports/workout. You just need to find some time for yourself too. There are many stakeholders of your time and you have to divide pies of your clock wisely.

But whatever, we have to do it. We have to get done with them either by curve up or curve down at our face. (: Because if we don’t, soon we will start considering it as an obsolete resource, having zero updates about the current stream of technology. And it directly hit our job security and career, you know very well. (:

In order to keep you updated, how much time do you spend in front of a rectangular screen?
Either of your notebook, your handset and/or a tablet device you have.

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