1 Thank To Allah Almighty;

Another every day’s scene;
Someone is busy in his work, one a road or in his shop;

I stayed there for 3 to 4 minutes while passing by;
And I thanked Allah Almighty for the job descriptions I have in my office;

Because this person does not lack in anything if nature chose him for this place,
And for such a tough work;

And I hadn’t any qualities that made me born in my family,
Who taught me, groomed me and made me able to have this social status and job;



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  1. we always takes things as granted, really we couldn’t do anything if Allah would made us something totally different. What if we born in a family where there is no concept of education?? Thanks Allah for everything you gave to me, really we are not eligible for this.

    1. You are right; We even don’t know how it look like in the absence of those things we have since our birth; Many people passed their whole like just to reach the things we have, and we own them without any efforts; Its all our test here in our life;

  2. Many of us are given a lot. We take it for granted usually. Perhaps the creator gives us each certain things to achieve some special purpose at some point in our life. Some seem to have much less. I have a little friend, Jessie, whom I see at worship most weeks. http://wayland.patch.com/articles/jog-for-jessie-namesake-is-happy-easy-going As you can see, she will spend most of her short life in a wheel chair with a degenerating mental and physical condition. Yet she is glad to see me and I think her parents are very brave and full of heart. I admire her and I realize that many of us have so much.

    1. I do agree with the point that everyone is here on earth for some specific task that nature assigns him/her; It is like a big complex system and we are busy in running that system as different nodes; I couldn’t replace you, nor you me;

  3. if one can understand this …….i think all prob will be solved…..as one gets happy of what he/she have…..:)
    v Nice…..

    1. Its really tough; One always looks upward to gain higher and higher status in life; I think this is a healthy activity until or unless the factor of greediness isn’t there; But yes we must know keep this in mind that its all blessings of Allah mighty, not a reward of our hardwork or extra abilities;

  4. Allah Almighty has sent everyone for a cause & i think we should be thankful in our limitations:)
    If a society adopts acceptance & thankfulness gets true essence of being called a social place….

    1. Agreed cent percent; Adopting such these can change the whole course of one’s life; His attitude towards life, his thinking and his life style;

    1. But what if you got to born in a family where there is not concept of education!! You will feel no importance of this aspect of life too;
      If you got the education and skill, means you were placed in much better place by nature, luckily

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