Keep Smiling;


January 28, 2k11;
Friday, 02:38PST

Listening to a whistling sound in thick silence of the cold night; Though it isn’t much cold I’m feeling bit extra; Whistle sound tears the inertia of atmosphere, letting the people feel that someone protecting them from any unwilling happening;

But can we really trust our thinking;? Is that whistle for alarming those evil dark shadows? Or it is a green signal to them for everything OK? Who knows who is under how many wrappers?

Its time to close the day; Thinking how and when to wrap me in which wrapper, to make the next day as a normal one; When nothing is real around or with you, good to have some wrappers; Nothing is real; People just use you for their needs; No one cares for no ones;

Keep Smiling;
Good Night;

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