Don’t Miss a Chance to Get Prayers

Don’t miss a chance to get prayers -

We don’t know how much someone is close to Allah Almighty. A visual appearance or acts of others can never be considered as factual measuring tools. Few words, uttered by someone, can turn one’s life totally toward downstream or favourable terms. Some silent feelings of thanks or convalescence in someone’s heart may not be visible to you but Allah Almighty is indeed Sami-ul-Aleem.

Always be humble to others. Don’t miss any single chance to get prayers from anyone. We don’t know that the blessings in our life are either the results of our good deeds or we are granted by someone prayer.

Who know the few good words, someone just said for us, might be so valuable for Allah Almighty that HE just change our whole life pattern, throw all our sorrow & problems out of our life. 

Is there anything impossible for HIM? Indeed nothing. Is there any better reward other than this? Surely not.

Don’t miss any prayer, in fact, a chance to get prayer. It may lead to you eternal success, both now and hereafter.

Thanks to Allah Almighty for everything you have.

(This essay belongs to Digi. Dairy section where I write my daily life experiences)

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