Give Some Time to Time

Life is a mixed plate. Happy hours and downfalls stand side by side. Joys of smiling moments are shared by many, and they should be, But the loneliness of sadness is only your asset. Soo many times we feel like we have just nothing in our hands. No one seems around to heal what’s going inside us. We have curves over our lips with wet eyes corners. We hand over ourselves to time, considering time as a big healer. And it’s true too.

Time can heal you only when you give some time to time. If something isn’t in your favour, or you are stuck in such a situation where nothing seems in your hands, let it go as it is. Give some time to pass by till things get a little stable and you may be in a position to have some next step.

It’s an everyday experience that our early decisions or steps create more mess, and hence results in losing those few per cent chances/hope of our favour that we would cash after a few time.

Give some time to time and hope for the best. If the under-considered matter isn’t favourable for you, don’t lose your heart. Patience, pray and faith is real essence to be victorious.


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