Be Dual; Yes its True;

Be Dual -

Being a dual personality isn’t a good sign at all; It looks so awkward at first, yes it worked many times; Sometimes you need this and it’s good for both you and the people around you۔

Don’t let your face or eyes or your facial expressions act as a projector for your inside world; Don’t let your feelings come out at your face, or to reflect by your tone or by your routine; Remember, there are very few, really VERY few who really care about you, your problems and got tense when you are down; Everyone is busy in his/her life; Might be they say some good words to you, send you some good texts, give you courage, but after that, it’s you who left alone with your  problems;

I haven’t any doubt about my friends who are always there when I’m sad when I feel down; They are Allah Almighty’s blessings in my life; Without them, I can’t survive; but it is such a bitter truth that it is you who have to take care of your problems or the hurdles of your life; it is not in my case, it is for everyone; Other can only push you for some span of time but it is you who face the problem; So be relax in front of others; “All is Well” is the best policy; When you have to tackle your problems, why to disturb others? Be fresh, relax and calm; buried deep inside you whatever is going bad;

Again, there are very few, (when I say “very” I really mean that) who feel your pain, feel your disturbance; Don’t lose them; For rest of the world, “Ya everything is great;”

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2 Replies to “Be Dual; Yes its True;”

  1. Ans bhai very good post. You express what we feel inside us but don’t share or discuss to anyone. Your last two posts are very good. nice managed website.

  2. Very well written. I don’t agree with the title but there is not any reason I for disagree the content.

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