Who built the great pyramid of Giza?

432 The dates and actual builders of these pyramids are still a mystery (at least for me).The Giza Plateau has three main pyramids. The pyramid of Menkaure, the pyramid of Khafre and the great pyramid of Khufu.

As per today’s widely accepted assumptions, the pyramid of Menkaure was probably completed in the 26th century BC. The pyramid of Khafre was built during the reign of Khafre who ruled from 2558 to 2532 BC. The great pyramid of Khufu was built during 2580-2560 BC.

These dates are acknowledged by Dr Zahi Hawas as well, who is director of the archaeology department of Egypt, and holds the supreme command in ancient Egyptology (His team’s recent achievement is the discovery of the mythical tomb of Osiris, god of the Dead in ancient Egypt. That was truly a waooo news for me and all other readers)

The only known statue of Khufu is only 7.5 cm high x 2.9 cm long x 2.6 cm deep. Discovered in 1903

Another group of researchers claims something else. According to Robert Bauval, The Giza pyramids are a Stellar representation of Orion’s Belt (a well-known constellation of our Milky Way galaxy). In his “Orion correlation theory“, he states that the three pyramids of Giza are exact mapping of three stars in the Orion constellation. The location & distance in between pyramids represents three stars, whereas the milky way was associated with the river Neil. As per his theory, this mapping happened in the 10th millennium BC, hence pyramids were built much much before the Egyptian civilization. (watch the BBC documentary which is well convincing on this topic).

Orion Bel and Pyramids - AasimOnline.com
The stars in Orion’s Belt (in middle) mapped with three pyramids of Giza.

So the dates and actual builders of these pyramids are still a mystery (at least for me). The archaeology department of the Egyptian government has official statements that pyramids were built from 2700BC to 2500BC by the rulers of that time.

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