Pass Your PMP Exam On First Attempt

In September 2018, I passed my #PMP exam on the first attempt. Here I would like to share my experience of how I planned my studies and daily routines to pass my PMP in the first attempt, within 2 months. Here we go.

Don’t Delay it

The longer you will take to decide to sit in the exam, the sooner you will lose your passion and interest in preparation. This is very common among the professionals that they start the preparation in a very high spirit, but due to their other involvement in job, family and friends, they couldn’t keep the same pace. The depth and breadth of the contents result in losing their passion and interest. The best strategy is the book the exam date first and then start the preparation. This will greatly help you to pass your PMP exam on the first attempt.


Dedicate a specific amount of time for the preparation, and stick to it religiously. Skip any other activity but don’t skip the study hours. Keep it at the highest priority on any other plan during that timeslot. Plan your day accordingly so that you may have isolation and a perfectly peaceful environment for the study. This will greatly help you to pass your PMP exam on the first attempt.

Study Area

Fix your study place/desk and keep all your notes/books/laptop/stationary there. Make that corner your “Mission Control Room”.

Remove The Distraction

When I start preparation and until the day of the exam, I uninstall all the applications from my phone. This helps me to remove all the unwanted notifications and the addiction of checking the phone unnecessarily every 10 min. This saves your lot of time, believe me, a lot of time which then you can invest in your preparation. This extra time will help you to pass your PMP exam on the first attempt.

Squeeze Each Minuit of Your Life

You are on a bus or riding in a cab, you can avail yourself this time by reading some article on your phone, taking a practice test, playing with a flashcard or doing any other study-related activity. There are tons of applications and websites providing free material for the preparation on the go.

I used to play with flashcards or attempt practice tests while riding on a bus. Those 40 min times slots had a great contribution to my preparation. Try to find out such time slots and avail them to pass your PMP exam on the first attempt.


Keep in touch with the people who are currently studying or recently passed the exam. Go and meet with them, talk to them, discuss your and their preparation strategies. The more you are in touch with such people, the longer you will keep your motivation and passion alive. You will keep Feeling it until you pass your PMP exam on the first attempt.

Start Applying Your Knowledge From The Page 1

Don’t wait for passing the exam, having a job as a PM in high profile company with a separate cabin/office and managing a multi-million dollar project. NO. wherever you are, wherever you working, whatever the kind of project you have in hand; start applying your knowledge from the next working day, from page 1 of the book you are studying. Whatever you learn during your study, start trying to apply/practice in your current projects and your daily routines. The more you Feel and apply it, the more you will grasp the concepts. This will help you to learn how the theory is applied in real-world problems.

Start Feeling It

Cover and hide under the feelings that you are in the exam preparation mood. Your thoughts, your schedules, your lifestyle should start revolving around it. Make it your centre of living.

PMBOK 7 Edition

Don’t forget that PMBOK 7 is going to release in August 2021. You must need to know the differences between PMBOK 7 and PMBOK 6 before preparing for your exam.

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