Why is My CV Being Rejected – A Battle of 11 Seconds

Battle Of 11 Seconds - AasimOnline.com

A nice sunny day. You came across a very good job posting. The job description matches exactly with your skills. You dropped your resume instantly to the mentioned email address, and start dreaming about your new workplace and salary perks. You are not considering the fact why is my cv being rejected?


You receive a rejection email after few days. You are wondering why is my cv is being rejected?

Now you are in an infinite loop of applying for a job and receiving a rejection email. You do not know what was wrong with my profile? Why I did not receive an interview call? What are the top CV writing tops that can land you your dream job?

What is going wrong? What should I do sot that I can get an interview call?

You are smart, skilled, 80% plus matched with the job description, your resume is full of your achievements, projects, and certifications.

Still a rejection without having a single invitation for an interview !!! WHY. WHY is my cv being rejected?

The reason is: You had lost the battle of 11 seconds.

(Sorry, what’s that? )

Yes, the battle of 11 seconds. Only 11 seconds.

The recruiters are rejecting your resumes within 10 seconds so that they can look into some other suitable resume.

(What !!!! why only 11 seconds? I have a lot of things on my resume. Detail of my ‘awesome’ projects, my past employments, my fancy ‘About Me’ section).

Yes, you have all these things in your resume, and that’s the problem too.

Studies show that the average recruiter or hiring manager spends 10 seconds reading a resume.

That’s right. 10 seconds. Now you can answer yourself why is my cv being rejected?

And the 11th second is the moment when he/she decides either to contact you or put your resume in a Bin.

Revise your resume again. Is it ready to win a battle of 11 seconds?

Don’t give up. Say thanks to Allah wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Improve your skills and resume, and keep trying. You will land your dream job one day (the day when Allah thinks is the right day).

Stay positive.

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