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CV Writing Tips -

Are you still struggling to write a CV that can help you to land your dream job? Do you wonder why your CV is being rejected every time? Do you want to know Top CV Writing Tips? A well-written CV has the power to make employers interested in meeting you for an interview.

Here are top, easy-to-follow CV writing tips to help you write an impressive CV

  1. A CV should not be longer than 2 pages, so use that space to emphasize your skills and past experience in a concise way.
  2. Write about your achievements rather than listing tasks to show that you’re a good performer.
  3. Remember to use active verbs, and double-check for spelling and grammar mistakes as those mistakes could land your CV in the rejection pile. This is one of the top CV writing tips that most people do not follow.
  4. There is a template to write each of your experience lines, known as ACR, .i.e. Action, Context, Result. Follow the ACR format to describe your experience.

CV writing is not an easy job, honestly. You have to master top CV writing tips by practice. You have to shrink down your years of experience into one or a maximum of two pages. Each line and word should have an impact on the reader’s eye, to take you one step ahead from other dozens of resumes.

Keep your morale high, Keep learning and Keep smiling.

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