Pyramid Of Organization

A great way to think of an organization and to put it in the context of other important aspects like projects portfolios mission vision and strategies is to think of a pyramid sitting within an organization or an enterprise. The pyramid of organization might have five layers.

Mission and the vision of the organization

At the very top of the pyramid or the mission and the vision of the organization. These set out the organization’s purpose and aspirations. If you like they set a destination to which the organization is seeking to travel.

Strategy of the organization

At the next year of the pyramid is the strategy of the organization. Strategy is a long-lived process but it doesn’t have as long as life as the mission and vision of the organization. It sets out the direction of travel.


The next tier in the Pyramid Of Organization is the portfolio which translates the strategy. It gives structure to what the organization is going to do to make the strategy happen. It sets priorities and aligns all of the organization’s activities in the direction that the strategy sets out. Portfolios deliver value to the organization.


Below the tier of the portfolio is the tier of programs and programs that deliver benefits that cumulatively bring value to the organization. Program Management is an organizational function that oversees a group of individual projects linked together through a shared organizational goal or common area of impact. It realizes the benefits that are forecast for the program of activities.


Projects are the activities and the initiatives that make up the different programs. Each project will deliver its own goal and objectives and outcomes. Each of those is self-contained. it’s through the program that we coordinate those different projects. The project management guidelines tell us how to manage individual projects.

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    1. At the time of setting vision or mission, or right after the capstone of the pyramid. To extend this pyramid we can add another layer after the vision/mission and before the strategy where we can set the goals. The strategy will direct us to achieve those goals.

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