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When you’re Overloaded, your first instinct might be to jump around from task to task, trying to get it all done without any structure. Sometimes we have too much information to grasp. After all, when your to-do list seems like it’s a mile long, organising your tasks into designated time blocks can seem like the last thing you want to do. Today you will learn “Timebox The Tasks” at work.

What is timeboxing the tasks?

Timebox the tasks is a simple time management technique that involves allotting a fixed, maximum unit of time for an activity in advance and completing the activity within that time frame.

The concept was first introduced by James Martin, the author of the book Rapid Application Development, as a part of agile software development.

Difference between time blocking and timebox the tasks

Time blocking and timeboxing both involve allocating fixed time periods to activities – but, while time blocking includes strictly reserving time for an activity, timeboxing includes limiting the time you spend on it.

Time blocking the task at Work

With time blocking, you allocate time periods in order to find time for everything on your agenda, everything you fear you otherwise wouldn’t have the time to do. It is different with the Timebox The Tasks at work.

Timeboxing the tasks at Work

With Timebox The Tasks at work, you allocate time periods in order to put a strict limit to activities you fear would otherwise take away too much of your time.

In Timebox The Tasks at work, the time periods are called “timeboxes” and may involve larger time periods, covering periods ranging from 15 minutes to several months. A timebox always has specific deadlines and goals associated with it, and it may also involve deliverables, a budget, and milestones.

At the end of the timebox, you declare your work done, no matter what, and then you assess whether you were able to meet your goals, either completely or partially.

Example of Timebox The Tasks at work is, that you want to tidy up your office, but don’t want to spend an entire afternoon on it. So, you allocate half an hour to this task and stop immediately once your 30-minute timebox is up no matter how much you’ve really managed to clean up.

Coursera has a good course for timeboxing. check it out here.

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