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Pass Your PMP Exam On First Attempt

In September 2018, I passed my #PMP exam on the first attempt. Here I would like to share my experien

SharePoint Remove Commas From Number Fields

via SharePoint remove commas from number fields   In some instances you don’t want number fiel

ایک اور ایک صفر

میرے حساب سے میاں صاحب نے اپنے گزشتہ اور زندگی کےآخری دو

پانامہ کیس ۔ گیارہ نِکاتی سازش

پانامہ کیس کے تاریخ ساز فیصلہ پر میں سپریم کورٹ اور جےآئ

I’m Pakistan

I’m Pakistan – AasimOnline[/caption]  

When to use Delegation, Notification, or Observation in iOS

Refresh your concepts about Delegation, Notification, or Observation in iOS A common problem that we

Difference Between Queen Nefertiti and Queen Nefertari

I’m noticing some questions over Quora about the difference between Queen Nefertiti and Queen N

Hieroglyph In Temple of Abydos

For me, this is really a controversial piece of hieroglyph in the temple of Abydos. Some people (who

Who built the great pyramid of Giza?

The dates and actual builders of these pyramids are still a mystery (at least for me).The Giza Platea

Is Sphinx Older Than the Pyramids?

Sphinx is one of my favourite monuments in ancient Egypt. There is always a debate if Sphinx is older

What do you think of these Egyptian hieroglyphics?

Answer by Aasim Naseem Siddiqui: Well .. this is really a controversial piece of hieroglyph in the te

Be Dual, Yes its True

Being a dual personality is not a good sign at all. It looks so awkward at first, but yes, it worked

Be humble, Always;

A one and an only single way to liven up your soul or your inner is to be humble; Not only in front o

Ever Lasting Art of Badshahi Masjid Lahore Pakistan

A few days back, I was on a visit to #WalledCity of #Lahore, and I stayed at historical #Badshahi Mas

Give Some Time to Time

Life is a mixed plate. Happy hours and downfalls stand side by side. Joys of smiling moments are shar