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Silent Confession

I gaze into your eyes and I can see it all, The sudden look in them is an alarming call Your eyes say

With You ….

When the sun shines over the world And birds chirps whole new songs When petals get fresh with drops

Without You ..

I miss the look you give to me I miss the smile you pass to me I miss the moments you share with me I

My Light;

– one of my poem; kindly read and don’t forget to rate and leave a comment;- i had a ligh


one of my poem. please comment. Her first sight, first glance; was like a shock. And I was still ther

All One Have;

one of my poem; kindly read and comment;    

We are hard workers;

(The poem was composed in late 2005, during the lecture of philosophy in university class; Primarily


One of my poem. Please comment. Look inside my heart, And you will find a secret place Reserved for y