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Katasraj Temple Chakwal Pakistan

It was a bright sunny day at the start of May 2012, when we (our middle school fellows group) decided

My Next Article in LAFZ Magazine;

5th issue of LAFZ online magazine by LAFZ media has been published; Alhamdulillah my article also ma

Kamran’s Baradari;

Going from Lahore to Shahdara Town and crossing the Ravi river bridge, one must turn his eyes towards

My Article in LAFZ Magazine;

This evening poped up an email in my inbox, from the editor of LAFZ media about the next issue of LAF

Flowers and Trees :: Cam Eye;

Just a random shot of my cam eye; The flowers are 5, 6 inches high from ground; Trees has average hei

Cloudy Morning 20th May 2K11;

It was early morning of 20th May, 2k11; I was on a walk and a light breeze was waving my hairs; I loo

Book Fair 2011 at Punjab University – Lahore

Hello Everyone; Hope to have a good weekend; This Saturday I got chance to visit the annual book fair

My Precious;

SO HOWS MY CUFFLINKS AND RING LOOKS LIKE; both items are soo soo close to my heart; 🙂   &nbsp

Mug & Mac 2:: Cam Eye;

click to enlarge Again Mug & Mac; but this time not at home; its on my desk; both were looking go

Mug & Mac :: Cam Eye;

click to enlarge my mug and my mac; hence Mug & Mac; i was working at home and in tea break; i sh

A Small Flower; :: Cam Eye;

  A small flower outside a restaurant nearby Gulburg Lahore; its colors in green leaves was real

Silent Confession

I gaze into your eyes and I can see it all, The sudden look in them is an alarming call Your eyes say

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 Read in the name of your Lord Who created. He created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is Most

With You ….

When the sun shines over the world And birds chirps whole new songs When petals get fresh with drops

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Indeed there is no limit for the blessings of Allah Almighty.  Thank you all too for  visiting my b