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Without You ..

I miss the look you give to me I miss the smile you pass to me I miss the moments you share with me I

1015 visitors in 25 days ..

many thanks to Allah Almighty .. Its all due to his unlimited blessing … the count of visitors

My Aquarium

Fish at my home … and this is really a Happy Aquarium 🙂

Next 1020 visitors in 28 days …

Again … many many many thanks to Allah Almighty .. Its all due to his unlimited blessing &#8230

Anonymous Tomb Near Samanabad – Lahore

I had a different script in my mind for this post; I had captured this placed it 6 7 months back at h

How Much Time We Have?

This morning I was at the funeral ceremony of one of my friend’s aunt; She was quite healthy; H

My Saunterer Soul

I love history; I’m really fond of reading books on history, visiting and exploring historical

5000 visitors in 4 months

Its all due to unlimited blessing of Allah Al-mighty, and you people who regularly visited here and g

My Light;

– one of my poem; kindly read and don’t forget to rate and leave a comment;- i had a ligh


one of my poem. please comment. Her first sight, first glance; was like a shock. And I was still ther

All One Have;

one of my poem; kindly read and comment;    

2030 visitors 30 days…

Really thank to Allah Almighty who give us knowledge and wisdom to learn things and share them. Last

We are hard workers;

(The poem was composed in late 2005, during the lecture of philosophy in university class; Primarily


One of my poem. Please comment. Look inside my heart, And you will find a secret place Reserved for y