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What is “Timebox” The Tasks at Work

When you’re Overloaded, your first instinct might be to jump around from task to task, trying t

Eid Final Selfie

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Difference Between Values, Principles and Practices

Values, Principles and Practices collectively make a framework which is a set of rules that an indivi

Differences and Similarities Between Kanban and Scrum

We know that #Kanban and #Scrum both have some similarities, like in both the frameworks, work is don

You Are Not Late, You are Not Early

Someone graduated at the age of 22 but waited 5 years before securing a good job. Someone became a CE

Pyramid Of Organization

A great way to think of an organization and to put it in the context of other important aspects like

Scrum Meeting

Scrum Meeting at home, to decide how to cry at 2 AM for no reason.

Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall Aquarium is one of the world’s largest indoor aquarium tanks. The total area of the attr

Top CV Writing Tips

Are you still struggling to write a CV that can help you to land your dream job? Do you wonder why yo

Differences Between PMBOK 7 and PMBOK 6 – PMP Exam

PMBOK 7 is going to release on August 21. Here I shall outline the differences between PMBOK 7 and PM

Why is My CV Being Rejected – A Battle of 11 Seconds

A nice sunny day. You came across a very good job posting. The job description matches exactly with y

Pass Your PMP Exam On First Attempt

In September 2018, I passed my #PMP exam on the first attempt. Here I would like to share my experien

I’m Pakistan

I’m Pakistan – AasimOnline[/caption]  

Be Dual, Yes its True

Being a dual personality is not a good sign at all. It looks so awkward at first, but yes, it worked

Be humble, Always;

A one and an only single way to liven up your soul or your inner is to be humble; Not only in front o