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Me And My Coke

  It’s a 2-way love;  (:

Do you believe in Omens?

Once my friend ask me,” Do you believe in Omens?” I was like OMENS! What that? I heard this word

Your Wise Move Matters.

Life has so many aspects, different faces, problems and happiness. Our five senses let us experience

Do You Observe? Well I do (:

Having own conveyance is indeed a blessing of THE Almighty, but if you don’t have, still you ca

Celebrations of 70K hits;

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I Liked Mine;

I love to write; It’s such a great activity; Whenever I’m free, I try to write something,

60,000 + Visitors;

Allah Almighty is so merciful; Who give us knowledge and wisdom; To learn, exercise and share;

Be Ready For a Hit

Life is like a snooker table; Different types of people like different balls in a game, Having differ

April Fools for 2011;

The day was started with some funny april fools by my daily visting site; (infact many time within an

To Give or Not To Give;

written by one of my good friend, my senior and a very kind person Maarab Hanif. and its all true; G

For Cricket Lovers

Cricket World Cup 2k11 is right on your screens now; But wait; what about this shot; 3rd six in a row

Happy Birthday Malka Saba;

  Malka Saba  3rd time we had this celebrations; Malka may you live long, giving us love and yo

First Word That Hits You

Cold winter morning; A cloudy weather with only a voice of leaves when a continuous stream of rain st