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Give Some Time to Time

Life is a mixed plate. Happy hours and downfalls stand side by side. Joys of smiling moments are shar

Don’t Miss a Chance to Get Prayers

We don’t know how much someone is close to Allah Almighty. A visual appearance or acts of others ca

Keep Smiling;

  January 28, 2k11; Friday, 02:38PST Listening to a whistling sound in thick silence of the cold

1 Thank To Allah Almighty;

Another every day’s scene; Someone is busy in his work, one a road or in his shop; I stayed the

Too much information

Our world is changing drastically. Every minute is loading a pile of pages over the shelves of histor

Keep Some Change With You Every Time;

  This is an everyday observation; While sitting on comfortable seat of AC vehicle, someone knocked

Me And My Coke

  It’s a 2-way love;  (:

Do you believe in Omens?

Once my friend ask me,” Do you believe in Omens?” I was like OMENS! What that? I heard this word

Your Wise Move Matters.

Life has so many aspects, different faces, problems and happiness. Our five senses let us experience

Do You Observe? Well I do (:

Having own conveyance is indeed a blessing of THE Almighty, but if you don’t have, still you ca

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I Liked Mine;

I love to write; It’s such a great activity; Whenever I’m free, I try to write something,

60,000 + Visitors;

Allah Almighty is so merciful; Who give us knowledge and wisdom; To learn, exercise and share;