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SQL vs NoSQL – For AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

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How to Use Google Search More Effectively

source: Post by Josh Catone, on Mashable, dated 24th Nov, 2K11;

EXOdesk, Your Virtual Desk;

Something that will change everything on your desk; I’m just loving the concept; EXOpc has post

Java 1.7 G1 Garbage Collector;

Hi All; Hope everything is going good at your desks; Last night, I was reading new features in Java 1

Google Revamping his theme;

There were some changes in look & feel of goole services, that I has been noticing from last mont

“Also Include” :: Gmail Feature;

I have been noticing a nice small update in gmail compose form; While adding your contact in To/CC/BC

Greplin, search yours in cloud;

Hello everyone; Hows was your weekend; Hope you have refilled your energy for next working days; Well

Android Devices Activation;

[youtube=] You would also like to see my Android device; K

Java on Mac;

Hello Guys; Hows everything with you; Today I was planning to write next part of my Amazon Kindle app

Google Task Bug;

can anyone reproduce this issue in pop-out view of Task in your Gmail inbox; ? I’m getting this

Google Acquires eBook Technologies

Google has just acquired eBook Technologies, according to a notice that is currently appearing on th

Google’s Chrome OS

Hello All … hope you have a wonderful weekend. I just read an article on techcrunch about Goole

20 Things I Learned About Browsers & Web

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Table.Connect :: iTable

3 developers from Austria got this idea, even they can’t recall how they come up with this, but

Dell Inspiron Duo

this post introduced with the dell Inspiron Due tablet device.