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How To Find Available Disk Space of iOS Device?

Hello iOS fellows; Hope life is as much bright as the retina display of iPhone 4S;  (: Well its a V

My Google Account Has Blocked;

Today was started with bad news; Google has blocked my account by saying I’m not following the

Storage Issue with iOS-5 And iCloud;

Hello everyone .. Nowadays, we are noticing that many people are getting rejection from AppStore due

My Next Article in LAFZ Magazine;

5th issue of LAFZ online magazine by LAFZ media has been published; Alhamdulillah my article also ma

Kamran’s Baradari;

Going from Lahore to Shahdara Town and crossing the Ravi river bridge, one must turn his eyes towards

Integrate AdMob in iOS Application;

Hello Everyone; Hope winters are going good around you; Today’s menu is again simple and short;

Daily Git

Hi everyone; So long it has been when I last posted anything on my blog; The reason was again the sam

EmailSend Application in iPhone

Hello Everyone, hope all is good around you; Here is my another tutorial for iOS application; I&#8217

How to Use Google Search More Effectively

source: Post by Josh Catone, on Mashable, dated 24th Nov, 2K11;

EXOdesk, Your Virtual Desk;

Something that will change everything on your desk; I’m just loving the concept; EXOpc has post

My Article in LAFZ Magazine;

This evening poped up an email in my inbox, from the editor of LAFZ media about the next issue of LAF

Java 1.7 G1 Garbage Collector;

Hi All; Hope everything is going good at your desks; Last night, I was reading new features in Java 1

Do you believe in Omens?

Once my friend ask me,” Do you believe in Omens?” I was like OMENS! What that? I heard this word

Your Wise Move Matters.

Life has so many aspects, different faces, problems and happiness. Our five senses let us experience