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Day 3 – Walking and Talking :: Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar Valley

Tuesday, 10th July 2K12: It was my first ever night in camp; Such feeling are very different when yo

Day 2 – Innocent Smiles :: Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar Valley;

Its day 2, Monday 9th of July 2012; We are on our way towards Hunza from Rawalpindi via NATCO bus ser

Day 1 – Surprises :: Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar valley;

Finally its Sunday, 8th of July 2012; The day when we are going leave our homes for the trek; At firs

Trek to Rush Lake, Nagar valley;

Hello All; Hope things are exciting around you; Last week I had a trek to Rush Lake, near Nagar vall

Too much information

Our world is changing drastically. Every minute is loading a pile of pages over the shelves of histor

Dry Leafs on Green Grass :: Cam Eye

A sunny afternoon of mid May; talk shalk with friends under tree; click to enlarge click to enlarge

Katasraj Temple Chakwal Pakistan

It was a bright sunny day at the start of May 2012, when we (our middle school fellows group) decided

Background processing in iOS;

Hello everyone; Hope things are going good around you; I’m working on an iOS application and fa

Keep Some Change With You Every Time;

  This is an everyday observation; While sitting on comfortable seat of AC vehicle, someone knocked

100+ Reasons of App Rejection for AppStore;

What !!! Rejected ?? but why ??? oh Damn it … After a tiring days and sleepless nights, busy we

Tribute to C Language;

As a tribute to my first programing language C، I have changed the colour scheme of my Xcode to a bl

Substrings from NSString :: N-FAQ

Hello iOS geeks … Here is a small tip for getting a substring from NSString; NSString class pro

Newsstand issue with AppStore build;

Last evening, I was trying to submit my applicaiton over app store and got following error regarding

Me And My Coke

  It’s a 2-way love;  (: