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A shift towards Flickr

So I have finally moved to #Flickr, for all my photography stuff. It was no doubt a long journey with

My Google Account Has Blocked;

Today was started with bad news; Google has blocked my account by saying I’m not following the

Google Acquires eBook Technologies

Google has just acquired eBook Technologies, according to a notice that is currently appearing on th

Make cheap phone calls through Google

Australians have been able to make free phone calls to landlines and mobiles using a new Google Gmail

A new look for Gmail

Google has redesign his main interface for Gmail, and has finally got a new contact manager, which is

Google Goggles

Text-based search is the most prominent search available on the Internet these days. Except for a few

Google Wave – Communicate and Collaborate in Real Time

Hello All friends … I hope … umm no, I’m sure you are having best in every aspect of your life