Do you believe in Omens?

Once my friend ask me,” Do you believe in Omens?” I was like OMENS! What that? I heard this word for the first time in my life & even don’t know that such a word exists in a dictionary or not.

He simply gave me a reply – “It’s a sign from Allah about the future happening”

I wonder why I never heard of this word before, as we often do discussions about our dreams, our sixth sense, myths on certain happening or situations, people thoughts towards life, day to day happening & about religion.

This thought makes me more curious than “What Omen is all about”?

Have you ever noticed that in our talk & discussion, we rarely talked about the signs that Allah show to us in our daily routine, in other life or a word from our parents/boss or anyone around you? We hardly give importance to such signs or may pass them by just relating them with other things.

If you ask someone that do you really believe in signs shown by Allah, everyone says: Yes

But it’s not true & that the Fact! Saying yes & accepting/believing from a heart is just two different things. We don’t believe either accept them from our hearts, we only follow those signs that clearly indicate what going to happen or just get them by luck. Usually, we start thinking & believing in these signs when are totally depressed, hopeless or want to get rid of something or left with no other option.

While having all these discussions with my friend, he recommends that I should read ‘Alchemist’ the book based on omens & maybe after reading that I can better get an overview about Omens.

At the time when I am reading the last few lines of Alchemist, don’t know why I have the feeling that I should write about what I think about omens or what I get the meaning of Omens after reading Alchemist. I have never written an article or blog or any stuff like this before, even this was my first English novel, I knew my vocabulary is just of few words, I felt like that Alchemist pushed me to write this all and now I am writing…

I recommend everyone to read this book just once regardless of what his/her English level is or who you are or what you do, it not only refreshes your mind but also give your thinking a new way a new colour a new look. In my view omen is not just four alphabet words or what definition says about, it’s a lot more than that! Have a vast meaning with lots of thoughtful aspect & vast explanations.

Through Omen Allah shows us, That he exists, That whatever going around is controlled by Him only, no one else, What happens in past &what going to happen in future is just in His hands.  Simply Allah sends us to alert us about future good or bad happening & make us believe that He always cares for us and always there whenever we need Him.

Omen sometimes realizes us that why the creator sends us to His land, what our ultimate destiny,
What way we should follow & if we start believing in them and mark them, understand them, they take us to the land of our dreams, our plans, our target.

But it’s not as simple as it seems to be, omen took the path that we never thought of or we never want to follow as that path have a long way, unknown routes, strange people, filled with hurdles, or may b it cost one’s life. These are the factors that always betray us from our goal or destiny or omens.

Omens need commitment to oneself that yes I will do this & I will stick on this path regardless of what happens and where it ends, in return it gives you courage, hope & rewards for your whole lifetime.

Path of Omen realizes us the price & the value of what we have & what we possess in past what we have now and whatever we have is just the reward of our good deeds and our prayers that once we did or wish to have these all.

It’s our firm belief that Allah loves his creation, always listen to them n& never put them in a situation that they are unable to face. Then why we often blame Allah that why he chooses us for this & that, why he has not given us the wealth the luck the ones we love. Well it just human nature that he never is happy and satisfies with what he has

So what Allah do when we blame him, pray to him, ask him questions?? “Omen- the simple reply from him” that one can get in an instant, to else very clear to follow, to others a time-being solution or to us; just a sign, a thought, certain disasters, in a rain or blowing wind, someone love or in the heart.

Want to be the happiest & successful person in this world- Start realizing that what you are blessed with & what others are not. Say Thanks to Allah as many times as you can & just follow the path of Allah that Allah shows us through His signs & in His book.

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