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SharePoint Remove Commas From Number Fields

via SharePoint remove commas from number fields   In some instances you don’t want number fiel

When to use Delegation, Notification, or Observation in iOS

Refresh your concepts about Delegation, Notification, or Observation in iOS A common problem that we

“Redundant Binary Upload” Issue on iTunesConnect

Hey Devs If you are having following issue on new interface of iTunesConnect “Redundant Binary Uplo

Remind Yourself How Beautiful Nature Is;

I’m a city boy, I love everything about a city—the energy, the people, the buildings, the noi

Beta Builder :: Wireless Distribution of Your Adhoc Archive

Hey .. how’s work going? It’s good Han !!! … good good … So you have done wit

Thumbnail Based MapView Annotation

JPSThumbnailAnnotation is an open source library to customize your MapKit annotation view for displa

Local history/revision of files in Xcode

Hello friends .. hope things are going good on your desk .. Last night I was going through my tweets,

How to Play With Zip Files in iOS

Hello Dev mates… Hope you are enjoying your work in winters; (: A few days back I was working

How to record Audio in iOS Application;

Hello dev mate; Hope you had a good weekend and refreshing Monday; Today we’ll learn how to rec

Background processing in iOS;

Hello everyone; Hope things are going good around you; I’m working on an iOS application and fa

100+ Reasons of App Rejection for AppStore;

What !!! Rejected ?? but why ??? oh Damn it … After a tiring days and sleepless nights, busy we

Substrings from NSString :: N-FAQ

Hello iOS geeks … Here is a small tip for getting a substring from NSString; NSString class pro

Newsstand issue with AppStore build;

Last evening, I was trying to submit my applicaiton over app store and got following error regarding

How To Find Available Disk Space of iOS Device?

Hello iOS fellows; Hope life is as much bright as the retina display of iPhone 4S;  (: Well its a V

Storage Issue with iOS-5 And iCloud;

Hello everyone .. Nowadays, we are noticing that many people are getting rejection from AppStore due