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Nothing to say;

January 31, 2k11; Monday, 01:20; Noting to talk about; Whole day was static; Didn’t go out; Did

I love the way you care; !!!

January 30, 2k11 Sunday 01:12PST; Its a mid night; such a busy and tiring day; Had some hard activiti

Life is beautiful; !

January 27, 2k11; 02:38PST It Thursday’s night; He tried his level best till last possible mo

Sach a sad day;

January 25, 2011, 01:16 PST Tuesday has started; I want to do something but really can’t do any

You for You

Life is hell busy. Yesterday, today, and the next day are all busy days. Your every moment is filled

Hey, You There; !!!

The best act of kindness, to show your belongings to someone is to give your time to them; Time is th