Ink is better than the best memory

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one of my poem. please comment. Her first sight, first glance; was like a shock. And I was still ther

All One Have;

one of my poem; kindly read and comment;    

Google Goggles

Text-based search is the most prominent search available on the Internet these days. Except for a few

Loan Waiver Beneficiaries (Urdu Version)

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Loan Waiver Beneficiaries (English Version)

By Rauf Klasra (The News International) ISLAMABAD: In a country where over 40 per cent of the populat

Babar Awan of PPP received Rs 35m for favorable verdict

ISLAMABAD: The main accused in the Rs 9 billion Bank of Punjab loan scam Sheikh Afzal and his son Har

List of NRO Beneficiaries

What is NRO National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was issued by the former president of Pakistan Ge

4 Things

Implement four things in your life and you will be healthy and happy. Four things that make the body

Google Wave – Communicate and Collaborate in Real Time

Hello All friends … I hope … umm no, I’m sure you are having best in every aspect of your life

2030 visitors 30 days…

Really thank to Allah Almighty who give us knowledge and wisdom to learn things and share them. Last

We are hard workers;

(The poem was composed in late 2005, during the lecture of philosophy in university class; Primarily

Aspect Oriented Programming Tutorial :: Core Concept (Part-2)

Hello All. Hope that you all are doing best in all aspects of your life… This is a second part

Chronology of Events in the Life of Muhammad (PBUH)

Hello All. Here is the list of events that happened in the life of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH

Aspect Oriented Programming – Part 1

Today, I’m going to start new series of tutorials on a new topic. i.e. Aspect-Oriented Programming,

This is World …

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